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Labor Day Message from Karen Floyd

Labor Day is an occasion where we celebrate America’s workforce by taking a day off to spend with our friends and families. This year our state and nation have been hit by a hard economic crisis and too many families find themselves without jobs. That’s why this year’s elections are so very important.

Holidays are always the toughest times for families that are struggling to keep bread on the table. Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s reckless economic policies are putting more families in this category than ever before. Recent numbers show that the unemployment rate is at 9.6%, even after the so-called “stimulus” bill passed by Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies.

This incredibly high unemployment number shows no signs of slowing down. Out of the nearly 15 million unemployed, 6.9 million people have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more. Not counted in the unemployment numbers are the 8.9 million Americans who are forced into working part-time jobs for economic reasons. Such numbers are deplorable, but the elitist liberals in Washington will never admit their mistakes.

These millions of struggling Americans have been failed by the Obama administration and Nancy Pelosi Congress. Honest and hard-working people have been left in the dust, as the liberals screech by with their Big Government agenda. Remember when they said that their stimulus bill would “save or create” millions of jobs? They recklessly spent hundreds of billions of dollars to fund their flawed economic policies, and just look at where we are now!

Folks, America’s unemployed, and the struggling families trying to make ends meet, deserve better from their elected leaders. They deserve a Congress that will provide much needed tax reliefs, instead of levying new taxes. They deserve a Congress that will cultivate an environment that allows businesses to grow and flourish, instead of inserting barriers and fences at every turn.

South Carolina families have much to remember this Labor Day. Now, we must do all that we can between now and November to ensure a real recovery for Labor Day next year. Let’s support conservative change and help usher in an era of small government and economic growth!


Karen Floyd

SCGOP Chairman