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John Spratt follow’s Rob Miller’s lead: no cameras at tonight’s debate


Democrat Congressman steals a page from Liberal Democrat’s play book

(Columbia, SC – September 7, 2010) When Republican Mick Mulvaney faces-off against 14-term incumbent Democrat John Spratt during their debate tonight, folks in South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District will be eager to see and hear what they have to say.

The problem is, you won’t be able to see or hear it.

When agreeing to the debate, Spratt demanded that all microphones and video cameras be banned. So you will have to rely on news reports to find out what was said, unless you’re actually sitting in the audience tonight. And the Associated Press reports it’s a sold out show.

John Spratt is clearly following the lead of fellow liberal Rob Miller, who already has a proven solution for avoiding those pesky news cameras and microphones: just kick them out of the room. Remember what happened last February 18th at the Greater Irmo Democrat Club? [Click here to see WIS’ report.]

Rob Miller was getting ready to speak when the news photographer from WIS-TV was ordered out of the room. When that incident blew up in his face, Miller ducked and played the blame game. He told WIS: “I have never shut anybody out of an event. My staff didn’t shut anybody out.” But a spokeswoman for the club also told WIS: “Miller’s campaign manager was adamant about not having press coverage.”

Miller didn’t stop there. He has repeatedly dodged countless opportunities to talk directly to voters, speaking rarely and keeping such a low-profile on the campaign trail that the Beaufort Gazette reported just ten days ago Beaufort County Democrat Chairman Blaine Lotz said “I’ve told his staff that, quite honestly… I did not think he (Miller) was visible enough in Beaufort County.” For the record, Beaufort County is Rob Miller’s home county. [Beaufort Gazette, August 28, 2010].

First Miller, now Spratt. This Democrat Duo would have you “believe what we want you to believe, not hear what we actually say.” These cheap political shenanigans keep eroding Americans’ confidence in their government.

Miller and Spratt clearly feel more comfortable opting for the glitz and glamor of slickly produced paid TV advertising within an environment they can control.

South Carolinians need to reject the “duck and cover” campaign tactics of liberals like John Spratt and Rob Miller, and count on the trustworthiness, openness and accountability of Mick Mulvaney and Joe Wilson when voting this November.