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Diversity Has a Home in Our Party

South Carolina is turning a historic corner. Think back twenty years or so and consider the chances of seeing a Republican, African American candidate running for Congress in our state. What about an Indian-American woman being within arm’s reach of the Governor’s office?

Noted journalist George Will wrote an article last week highlighting the diversity of the South Carolina Republican Party in this year’s elections. He stated, “Scott’s and Haley’s candidacies, both focusing on economic issues, are pebbles in an avalanche of evidence that the identity politics of race and ethnicity has become a crashing bore.”

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I could not agree more with George Will’s statement. While the liberal establishment has taken many women and minorities for granted, it is the Republican Party that is truly focused on bringing economic opportunity and freedom to all. After all, we are all Americans who just want a bright and promising future for our children.

Terrific individuals like Tim Scott and Nikki Haley are true reformers that will help bring this country out of its economic recession and into an era of conservative prosperity. George Will also said that in the last half-century, South Carolina should be recognized as the state that has changed the most for the better. Let’s keep that trend going by supporting our candidates this fall and help them win big in November!


Karen Floyd

SCGOP Chairman