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Pelosi Coming to South Carolina

One of South Carolina taxpayers’ greatest adversaries is coming to Charleston next week for a visit. It appears that House Speaker and liberal elitist Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to deliver a keynote address for the Charleston branch of the NAACP.

It should come as no surprise that Pelosi is taking the time to stop in South Carolina, seeing as how she has specifically targeted our diverse and conservative candidates for destruction. For months now, she has been actively funneling money into the campaign accounts of Democrats across the state. So why does a liberal California Congresswoman care so much about the races here in the Palmetto State?

Well, it is obvious that Pelosi and her leftist allies view conservative candidates like Tim Scott, Mick Mulvaney, Joe Wilson, Nikki Haley, Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan, and Jim Pratt as threats that need to be taken out. We are about to turn a corner here in South Carolina, as people are fed up with reckless liberal leadership. At this point, the only option available for Democrats like Pelosi is to throw money at the situation in the hopes of misleading the American people.

However, South Carolina voters will not be fooled. As November approaches, you can expect Pelosi and other liberals to ramp up their anti-conservative activities here in our state. They are desperate to quell the incredible and growing groundswell of outraged citizens.

While she’s in town, let’s send Nancy Pelosi the message that she will never buy our votes. Please support the conservative candidates that Pelosi has targeted for destruction. Click here now to support the conservative team!