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Obamacare Will Cost State Additional $20 Million

A media report came out yesterday that revealed some startling news about the real cost of Obamacare for South Carolina. It appears that our state health plan will be forced to spend an additional $20 million in taxpayer dollars beginning on January 1. This burdensome expenditure will be necessary to comply with the legislation’s litany of mandates and provisions.

However, according to Charleston television station WCSC, this $20 million price tag may just be the minimum cost. State officials with the employee insurance program reveal that the real cost may even be close to $60 or $70 million a year after the program is fully implemented. This new information has been submitted as evidence in a lawsuit that has been filed to overturn the federal health care law.

When this legislation was first discussed in the court of public opinion, liberals everywhere seemed amused that people were concerned about the costs to states and taxpayers. They attempted to reassure us that the cost would be negligible and that there was no reason to be upset. You think that they take our protests seriously now?

So far, liberal Democrats like Vincent Sheheen have not come out to retract their support of Obamacare in light of this new burden it will put on our state. Sheheen is still an enthusiastic supporter of the federal health care takeover and does not seem to care about the cost it pins to taxpayers.

He needs to tell voters, now, how he would pay for this new mandate, and what taxes he would raise to do it.

In a time of such obvious economic struggle, the liberals would rather force their ideology on the country than relent to financial common sense.

As the reports continue to flood in about the negative impact of Obamacare, it becomes increasingly clear that we need conservative values to win this November.