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Speaker Harrell thanks Chairman Floyd for her hard work and dedication to the SC Republican Party

(Columbia, SC) – Today, House Speaker Bobby Harrell issued the following statement about South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Karen Floyd:

“As Chairman, candidate for office, elected official, and public servant, Karen Floyd has worked tirelessly to better the lives of her community and South Carolinians with conservative conviction and a fierce work ethic.

“During her tenure as South Carolina Republican Party Chairman, Karen oversaw an organization responsible for historic gains – an unprecedented election of all nine statewide constitutional officers, the defeat of one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington, and the largest, most conservative majority ever before in the South Carolina State House.

“It is through Karen’s determination and strength of character that the South Carolina Republican Party has continued to grow to monumental proportions.  The work that will start in January with the passage of conservative reforms securing our state’s future would not be possible without Karen’s leadership at the helm of our Republican Party during this momentous election.

“Karen, thank you for your friendship and your never-ending dedication to the Republican Party.  Through your tireless work over the last 18 months, you have made history and the affects of your leadership will live on long past your time as Chairman through the conservative elected officials you fought for and the lives that each will most surely touch.”