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A Message from Darlington County Chairman Jay Lucas

Dear Fellow Conservatives,

Your vote at the ballot box is the ultimate empowerment of your 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech. Your vote is sacred and must be defended.

Every voter and every citizen deserves to be protected from an infringement of that right and from instances of fraud compromising the integrity of your ballot in elections. That’s why House Republicans strongly support a protective measure requiring a photo identification to vote in Elections. This week, the House took a critical step in ushering that Voter ID bill into law.

Last session, the Voter ID bill passed both the House and Senate, but ultimately died in conference committee when a compromise on amendments separate from Voter ID could not be reached.

Wednesday, the House passed a clean bill with ONLY VOTER ID. We can’t let history repeat itself in conference committee. The integrity of your ballot is too important for this bill to fail, and we need your help.

To ensure Voter ID passes, WE NEED THE SENATE TO CONCUR.

We’re asking you to contact your Senator, and ASK THEM TO CONCUR ON VOTER ID. The stakes are too high and we can’t risk the Voter ID bill failing again in conference committee. You can find contact information for your Senator here.

Generations of Americans have sacrificed too much to for our votes to be susceptible to fraud. We must secure the integrity of your voice and your vote at the ballot box.

Please, ask the Senate to concur on Voter ID and pass the message along!


Jay Lucas

Darlington County Chairman
House Speaker Pro Tempore