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Thank GOP senators who stood for clean voter ID bill

We have spent decades building our Republican Party so that we can put an entire grassroots organization behind our candidates. When elected, we do not expect our Republican officials to agree with us on every single issue, but we do expect them to listen to our voice.

For years you have spoke loudly, cohesively and without hesitation on voter ID legislation. Over the past week you made your voice heard and asked that Republican senators concur with the clean House version instead of siding with Senate Democrats.

Yesterday, 15 of your 26 Republican senators stood with you. They heard you and they listened. You flooded them with emails and calls over the past two weeks and now it’s time to flood their offices again with two simple words — THANK YOU.

PLEASE do not let our Republican leaders only hear from you when you’re angry. Let them also know how much you appreciate their hard work.

Start with Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler. He worked tirelessly and with true honor and integrity. He has proven that he is not just a Republican leader in the Senate chamber, but also a Republican leader for our entire state.

Next, please call Sen. Ray Cleary. Sen. Cleary helped lead subcommittee, committee and floor debate on this issue. Yesterday he took the floor and led the fight for us. He did not waver or cave to internal political pressure. He deserves your thanks.

Then move on to the other 13 Republicans who stood with you. We have listed all their phone numbers and emails here:

Harvey Peeler — (803) 212-6430,
Ray Cleary — (803) 212-6100,
Thomas Alexander — (803) 212-6220,
Lee Bright — (803) 212-6108,
Kevin Bryant — (803) 212-6024,
Tom Davis — (803) 212-6008,
Mike Fair — (803) 212-6420,
Larry Grooms — (803) 212-6400,
Wes Hayes — (803) 212-6410,
Larry Martin — (803) 212-6340,
Shane Martin — (803) 212-6100,
Shane Massey — (803) 212-6000,
Phil Shoopman — (803) 212-6032,
David Thomas — (803) 212-6240,
Danny Verdin — (803) 212-6230,

We cannot always win, but we can always fight. The bill now heads to conference committee and we’re going to continue pushing our preference for the House version. We will let you know as soon as the conference committee members are appointed.

Thank you for all you do to build our party!


Karen Floyd
SCGOP Chairman