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Florence Resolution: Fair Tax

This below resolution was passed at the Florence county convention, and will now go to the resolutions committee. If the resolutions committee passes it, the resolution will be up for a vote at the state convention. However, before the resolutions committee votes, they want to know your opinion. Please use the comments section below to give us your opinion, and please use your real name. Thank you!

Whereas, the framers of the Constitution prohibited taxation of income and the products of one’s labor, and that prohibition remained for the first 127 years of the existence of this country.; and

Whereas there is a large and growing body of economic evidence that conclusively demonstrates that taxing income reduces economic activity below what it otherwise would have been; and

Whereas there are no credible economic analyses which conclude that taxing income increases economic growth; and

Whereas unemployment in South Carolina in December 2010 was 10.7% versus a national average unemployment rate of 9.4% and has been above the national rate every year since 2001; and

Whereas of the eleven states which adopted an income tax on their citizens over the past 50 years, the citizens of all eleven states experienced a decline in their standards of living compared to the standards of the average United States citizen as measured by per capita income; and

Whereas significant reductions in the marginal income tax rates enacted during the administrations of Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush resulted in extended periods of robust economic growth; and

Whereas the United States Congress in December 2010 in a bipartisan vote extended current tax rates rather than allowing them to increase as mandated by then effective law because the increases would have substantial negative impacts on economic growth rates; and

Whereas the current South Carolina Sales and Use Tax has over 70 categories of exemptions, exclusions and limits and these vary of the course of the year creating confusion and an unnecessary burden on retailers; and

Whereas the citizens of South Carolina demand a tax code that taxes all transaction at one rate for all products and services that will be the most efficient to implement, administer and collect;

Now therefore, be it resolved that the Florence County Republican Party urges all members of our legislative delegation to actively support and work for enactment of the SC Fair Tax Act in the 119th General Assembly.