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Our Senate Majority Leader

I’m pleased to announce that Sen. Harvey Peeler of Gaffney was re-elected as senate majority leader on Wednesday afternoon, a tribute to his accomplishments while leading our Republican majority in the Senate.

Since first being elected majority leader in 2005, Sen. Peeler has been at the front of passing common sense conservative legislation. We need a good leader for a great caucus, and he has been that for us. In the last election, he stepped up with a significant amount of help and money to the state party and to help make Nikki Haley our governor.

During this session especially, he’s been working hard on passing our conservative reform agenda. He’s leading on real change like passing a comprehensive tort reform bill. Sen. Peeler authored one of the Senate versions of the legislation, and has been assisting in getting a strong bill out of the chamber. Our state is hurting and needs business investment and the jobs that brings. Reasonable tort reform — like what has passed in our neighboring states, is essential in turning South Carolina around.

When state Republicans were pressing for a clean voter ID bill, Sen. Peeler did his level best to stop a Democrat filibuster and pass the bill at full strength. He’s also stood strong with us on spending caps. Not only would spending caps help reduce the growth of government and scale back spending, they’ll also contribute to ending extreme flush and bust times with the state budget.

Sen. Peeler isn’t just the majority leader for the Senate. He’s a majority leader for all of us. Every time we as a party have asked him to act on major legislation, he has. Sen. Peeler is an example of the best we have in the General Assembly. Please contact him by visiting his Facebook page now and thank him for his leadership.


Karen Floyd
SCGOP Chairman