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Gov. Nikki Haley signs Voter ID bill into law

New law ensures election integrity

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Governor Nikki Haley today signed into law H 3003 the Voter ID bill during an afternoon press conference at the Statehouse. The governor was joined by members of the General Assembly and grassroots activists from across South Carolina.

Video of the press conference is available here.

Gov. Haley said, “It’s another great day in South Carolina. The reason it’s a great day is because we continue to improve South Carolina in terms of integrity, accountability and transparency. This new law is very important, not just for South Carolina, but because I have heard from people across the country about how impressed they are that we took it upon ourselves to secure the integrity of our election process. If you have to show a picture ID to buy Sudafed, if you have to show a picture ID to get on an airplane, you should show a picture ID when you vote. There were a lot for people that made this come together – and I want to thank, in particular, grassroots activists from around the state, House Speaker Bobby Harrell, Senator Harvey Peeler and State Rep. Alan Clemmons.”

House Speaker Bobby Harrell said, “Today is a victory for everyone in South Carolina who has been working to eliminate fraud and make our state’s election process more secure, especially now since the United State’s Supreme Court has held Voter ID as constitutional. With the bill becoming law today, I hope the Department of Justice will move swiftly in granting our state’s secure election law the same preclearance they gave to Georgia’s Voter ID law last year.  That way all South Carolinians can go to the polls this next Election Day knowing their vote has not been compromised.”

Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler said, “We’re happy to follow up a year of strong conservative accomplishments with Governor Haley by securing South Carolina’s elections. When the liberal Obama administration fights this law, we will stand with Governor Haley to fight back as we did against ObamaCare and the union advocates.”


Rob Godfrey

Press Secretary | Office of Governor Nikki Haley

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