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Watch: Governor Nikki Haley delivers first SCGOP Weekly Address

June 9, 2011

Dear Fellow Republican,

I’m proud of our South Carolina Republican Party. We are stronger than ever for a reason – South Carolinians trust the Republican Party to deliver on its promises. And we are doing just that.

This year, our Republican-led State House and Senate have fought for and passed lawsuit abuse reform, Medicaid reform, a voter ID requirement, more on the record voting, and stand on the brink of passing even more historic reforms.

Our five Republican Congressmen and nine Republican statewide officers are fostering job growth and defending South Carolina against Barack Obama and the NLRB’s attacks on Boeing.

And South Carolina’s chief executive, Republican Governor Nikki Haley, is working hard to reform South Carolina’s expensive and unaccountable state government. Governor Haley today delivered the first SCGOP Weekly Address, and I hope you’ll watch: (click to play)

Governor Nikki Haley

South Carolina Republicans don’t govern with press stunts, one liners, and whining. The Democrats have those bases covered.

We deliver results. And no matter what the mainstream media says, healthy debate within our Party is good for our state and nation.

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Your donation, no matter how great or small, will ensure that South Carolina remains a strong red state and that we elect a new Republican President in 2012.

This is our fight. Now is our time. Please join me and the South Carolina Republican Party in leading the way to take back our country.

Proud to be a South Carolina Republican,

Chad Connelly
Chairman, South Carolina Republican Party

P.S. – America can’t afford 4 more years of Barack Obama. And South Carolina plays a critical role in beginning the process to defeat him. Join with us today.