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Obama Political Machine to Crash Rep. Mick Mulvaney Town Hall

A Message from FreedomWorks:

FreedomWorks has learned that “Organizing For America (OFA),” President Obama’s well-funded political outfit, is working to takeover South Carolina Congressman Mick Mulvaney’s town hall event tonight in Lake Wylie. Specifically, OFA plans to bus in left-wing activists from far and wide to protest the congressman’s support of a conservative, limited government agenda.

It is critical that fiscal conservatives show up to counter OFA and support Rep. Mulvaney for his bold stance on the most important issues facing South Carolina and our country as a whole.

Mulvaney Lake Wylie Town Hall
Wednesday, June 8th, 7:00 pm
Life Center at River Hills Community Church
104 Hamilton’s Ferry Road
Lake Wylie, SC

In just a short period of time, Rep. Mulvaney has done a fantastic job in Congress voting for tough spending cuts and standing strong in su pport of fiscally responsible policy that will get our great nation back on track.

Please take the time to show him that conservatives appreciate his hard work.


Allen Page
South East Regional Director