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SCGOP Call to Action: Stand for Reform!

SCGOP Call to Action: Stand for Reform!

June 3, 2011

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Dear Fellow Republican,

Governor Haley asked our State Senate to not go home without passing critical, conservative reform legislation.

Anti-reform Democrats have consistently opposed Governor Haley’s agenda and just yesterday ran out the clock on reform. But blaming them is simply not enough.

The Republican-controlled Senate left Columbia without passing those bills; like Government Restructuring and a strong Arizona-style Illegal Immigration law.

As a result, Governor Haley has called the General Assembly back next week to finish work on these and other important conservative reforms.

This is exactly the type of bold, principled leadership our Republican elected officials must demonstrate, not only to defeat the Obama Democrats next year, but to retain the trust and support of conservatives like us.

When I asked for your support as state chairman, I committed to you that I would hold our elected officials accountable, and not hesitate to call them out when they stray from our conservative principles, our platform and mission of freedom.

Our party is in the majority. We must govern like it.

Now is the time for Republicans in the General Assembly to hear from you!

I ask that you contact your Republican Senators right away – and let them know we are standing strong with Governor Haley, and they must finish the job in Columbia next week.

Find your Legislator here:

Proud to be a South Carolina Republican,
Chad Connelly
Chairman, South Carolina Republican Party