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Chairman Chad Connelly announces 2012 Presidential Primary Task Force

Columbia, S.C. – In conjunction with a joint statement from the Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada Republican Party chairmen, SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly today announced the South Carolina Republican Party’s 2012 Presidential Preference Primary Task Force. The Task Force will oversee the primary, its fundraising goals, and work to ensure South Carolina’s First-in-the-South primary status in the future.

South Carolina is blessed with outstanding Republican leaders,” said Chairman Connelly. “They understand the Presidential primary’s importance and have responded in an unprecedented way. I look forward to working with the Task Force to help shine a bright, positive light on South Carolina as the whole world watches.”

2012 Presidential Preference Primary Task Force

Honorary Chairs
Governor Nikki Haley
Senator Jim DeMint
Senator Lindsey Graham

Honorary Co-Chairs
Congressman Joe Wilson
Congressman Tim Scott
Congressman Jeff Duncan
Congressman Trey Gowdy
Congressman Mick Mulvaney
House Speaker Bobby Harrell
House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham
Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler
Cindy Costa, RNC Executive Committeewoman
Glenn McCall, RNC Executive Committeeman

Susan Aiken, Anderson County Executive Committeewoman
Gresham Barrett, Fmr. Congressman
Butch Bowers, Attorney
Stephen Brown, Attorney
Katon Dawson, Fmr. SCGOP Chairman
Tony Denny, SCGOP 2rd District Chairman
Jim Edwards, Fmr. Governor
Hogan Gidley, Fmr. SCGOP Executive Director
Kevin Hall, Attorney
Leighton Lord, Attorney
Janice McCord, Abbeville County Executive Committeewoman
Henry McMaster, Fmr. Attorney General
Randy Page, Fmr. SCGOP 4th District Chairman
Betty Poe, Greenville County Chairwoman, SCFRW President
Jason Puhlasky, Fmr. Senate Republican Caucus Director
Mark Sanford, Fmr. Governor
David Wilkins, Ambassador and Fmr. House Speaker
Barry Wynn, Fmr. SCGOP Chairman

Comments from selected Honorary Chairs and Co-Chairs

South Carolina’s First-in-the-South Republican Presidential Primary focuses the eyes of the world on our great state. We couldn’t be more excited that once again we have a chance to showcase our state as presidential candidates campaign in every corner of South Carolina and talk face-to-face with our voters about the most important issues facing our country.” – Governor Nikki Haley

I’ve got tremendous faith in Chairman Chad Connelly and our South Carolina Republican Party. They’re hard at work organizing our First-in-the-South Presidential Primary and delivering our Republican Party’s pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-free enterprise message. I believe the momentum is building for a great Republican year.” – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham

South Carolina has a long tradition of picking Presidents, and Republicans here are ready to once again lead the way to select a candidate who has the character, courage and competence to reclaim America’s greatness. I am grateful for Chairman Chad Connelly’s leadership and am confident that our Presidential Preference Primary Task Force will host an outstanding South Carolina primary.” – U.S. Senator Jim DeMint

For over thirty years, the Palmetto State has an unmatched track record of successfully picking the Republican nominee. I am honored to co-chair this Task Force as we preserve the decisive role South Carolina Republicans play in electing the President of the United States.” – Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler

As the stakes continue to rise nationally, it has never been more important that Republicans stand united and select a Presidential nominee who will lead our nation back to economic recovery and prosperity. South Carolina has solidified its place as a conservative proving ground for Presidential contenders, and our conservative voters are once again dedicated to picking our Party’s nominee. I look forward to working closely with our Party’s Primary Task Force to ensure that South Carolina continues to play a pivotal role in this process with our First-in-the-South Presidential Primary.” – House Speaker Bobby Harrell