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IA, NH, NV, and SC Republican Party chairmen issue joint statement on 2012 Presidential calendar

September 29, 2011

IA, NH, NV, and SC Republican Party chairmen issue joint statement on 2012 Presidential calendar

Columbia, S.C. – Today, state Republican Party Chairs Matt Strawn (Iowa), Wayne MacDonald (New Hampshire), Amy Tarkanian (Nevada) and Chad Connelly (South Carolina) jointly released a statement condemning any state’s efforts to move its 2012 Presidential selection date in violation of Republican National Committee (RNC) rules:

Chairman Strawn commented, “The four sanctioned, early states have been very clear that we will move together, if necessary, to ensure order as outlined in RNC rules. If we are forced to change our dates together, we will.”

Chairman MacDonald said, “The New Hampshire Republican Party is proud to stand with Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina in honoring the rules of the RNC and the laws, traditions and beliefs of our respective states. We recognize that frontloading the political calendar is a disservice to the political process, our candidates and the voters. New Hampshire’s Secretary of State will make sure our state continues to play its critically important role in the presidential nominating process.”

Chairman Tarkanian commented, “Nevada remains committed to achieving excellence in our First in the West caucus and we are undeterred by the prospect of moving the date, which we will do if New Hampshire moves theirs, as we are bound by rule to hold our caucus four days after New Hampshire’s primary. Florida’s possible decision to move its primary is disappointing and, frankly, disrespectful of the other early primary states and the process as a whole. Nevada stands proudly with the other early states, Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina in protecting the established process and representing the West. This situation gives Nevadans the opportunity to showcase our ability to adapt and establish our state as a major player in national politics.”

Chairman Connelly stated, “Our four states are committed to protecting the integrity of the 2012 nominating process and we refuse to let rogue states dictate the calendar. Elections held just after New Year hurt voters and candidates by short circuiting the nominating process. Republicans deserve the chance to get to know every candidate. We must choose the right person to defeat Barack Obama.”