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Chairman’s Weekly Update

Fellow Republicans,

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend. We had a busy week at the South Carolina Republican Party!

This past Monday night, it was my honor to speak to the Capital City Republican Women at their fall meeting. Their 20th anniversary celebration will be held on September 16th – if you’d like to attend, email President Deb Marks for more details.

On Wednesday, I interviewed with the Associated Press on an important topic. North Carolina recently passed a state law tying their 2016 Presidential Primary to South Carolina’s, which is a flagrant violation of national party rules if South Carolina holds its primary in early February 2016 (which is likely). Such a violation by North Carolina is unacceptable.

Our party’s primary rules exist to give grassroots and underfunded candidates a real chance at the Presidential nomination. States illegally moving to the front of line automatically increase the campaign costs for each candidate – giving only privately wealthy or massively-funded candidates a chance at victory. I will NOT let that happen.

As I told the Associated Press, “North Carolina has thrown a wrench in the process. I can promise you that if North Carolina encroaches in any way on South Carolina’s primary … we will absolutely seek the maximum penalty.”

When I have more updates on this topic I will send them your way.

On Saturday morning, our State Executive Committee held its 3rd quarter meeting. We worked through a number of business items including appointing new officers and committees. Most notably, the State E.C. voted to ban CNN & NBC from hosting Presidential debates in South Carolina if those networks continue to produce and show Hillary Clinton propaganda films. The full Republican National Committee (RNC) passed a similar resolution last week.

South Carolina is the first state to take such an action. Click here to read our full resolution.

In case you missed it, here’s a great photo from the State E.C. meeting (courtesy of Hope Walker):

On Saturday night, I attended the York County Republican Party BBQ Fundraiser. What an amazing event! (photo below) A talented bluegrass band entertained the huge crowd while we enjoyed dinner.

It was great to see Congressman Mick Mulvaney, State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, National Committeeman Glenn McCall, York County Republicans & their legislative delegation, Lancaster & Chester County Republicans, the Clover-Lake Wylie Republican Women, and many, many other great Republican leaders.BSd_ST-IMAAEXq9.jpg-large

York County Chairman Wes Climer and State Committeeman David Duncan deserve huge praise for putting on a first class event!

National Committeeman Glenn McCall and I were honored to deliver a joint update on the South Carolina Republican Party and RNC.

This coming week, I’ll attend Governor Nikki Haley’s re-election kickoff with Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. Rick Perry and Gov. Bobby Jindal. It will be held at 4:00 PM Monday at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville. Join us there by visiting

Later that evening in Anderson (6:30 PM at the Civic Center), I’ll attend Congressman Jeff Duncan’s Faith and Freedom BBQ with Senator Rand Paul and Senator Tim Scott. Join us there by visiting!

See you soon & God Bless,

Chairman Matt Moore

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