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Vince Sheheen’s Failing Campaign


Vince Sheheen and the S.C. Democratic Party today held a press conference decrying “mud slinging” in the South Carolina gubernatorial race.

Beyond being a sad and desperate attempt to garner free TV coverage, their stunt is the height of hypocrisy. I was happy to attend the press conference and let the assembled media know the truth. Before it’s even gotten off the ground, Sheheen’s campaign is failing.

For almost four years, South Carolina Democrats, including their Chairman and Sheheen, have thrown the kitchen sink at Governor Haley and called her every terrible name in the book. (See below)

Telling the truth about Vince Sheheen and the Democratic Party’s plans for South Carolina isn’t mud slinging.

Vince Sheheen’s support for ObamaCare is FACT. (The State, 3/7/13)

Vince Sheheen’s law firm profiting from state government is FACT. (The State, 10/11/10)

Vince Sheheen’s income quadrupling to almost $400,000 since becoming a state legislator is FACT. (The State, 10/11/10)

Vince Sheheen’s voting in 2013 to kill Ethics Reform is FACT. (Cindi Scoppe,Twitter Feed, 5/23/13)

Vince Sheheen’s proposing at least FOUR new tax increases in his book (costing more than $600 million) is FACT. (Vince Sheheen, “The Right Way“)

In case you missed them, here are some real headlines from recent years:

Sheheen Continues Attacks
– Charleston Post & Courier, 9/22/10

S.C. Dem Chair Compares Nikki Haley to (Hitler’s Mistress) Eva Braun
– National Journal, 9/5/12

Top South Carolina Democrat Wants To Send Nikki Haley ‘Wherever The Hell She Came From’
– BuzzFeed, 5/3/12

Nikki Haley Compared To Snooki, Kardashians By South Carolina Democratic Party Leader
– Huffington Post, 4/5/12

SC Dem official calls Nikki Haley ‘the Sikh Jesus’ in Twitter rant
– Daily Caller, 5/17/12

Count on this: We won’t let Vince Sheheen and the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy go unnoticed. We will continue to focus on the issues that impact  South Carolinians – and on just how wrong Vince Sheheen is for South Carolina.


Matt Moore
South Carolina Republican Party