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SCGOP’s Moore: Why didn’t Vincent Sheheen ask Joe Biden tough questions?

Liberal trial lawyer from Camden would import Obama’s failed policies to S.C.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Matt Moore issued the following statement after news broke that liberal career politicians Vincent Sheheen and Joe Biden, two of ObamaCare’s biggest cheerleaders, held a Washington, D.C. fundraiser:

“When they were huddled together at their Washington D.C. fundraiser, did Vince Sheheen ask Vice President Biden why the Obama Administration is squeezing families and killing jobs as they expand ObamaCare in states like South Carolina? Why it would allow its Environmental Protection Agency to drive up our energy costs? Whether it will stop labor unions from bullying South Carolina companies like Boeing? Of course he didn’t. Vince Sheheen wants to import the failed, big-government policies of Barack Obama to South Carolina.”