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2016 National Convention Delegate/Alternate Election Results

Dear Fellow Republicans,

It was great to see so many of you this weekend!

THANK YOU for your work to make our State Convention and Silver Elephant Celebration so successful.

Congratulations to Cindy Costa and Glenn McCall, who were re-elected as National Commiteewoman and National Committeeman, respectively, at today’s State Convention.

State Convention attendees also elected at-large Delegates and Alternates to our National Convention, to be held July 18-21 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Here are the results, with each person’s vote total following:

National Delegates (Top 26)
Katon Dawson – 326
Henry McMaster – 241
Sandra Bryan – 238
Randy Page – 232
Tom Davis – 209
LaDonna Ryggs – 202
Cyndi Campsen Mosteller – 201
Sumter Moye Graham – 196
Ben Kinlaw – 194
Drew McKissick – 191
Bill Pickle – 185
Sandra Stroman – 184
Sally Atwater – 170
DeLinda Ridings – 167
Lin Bennett – 166
Peggy Kinlaw – 164
Mary Pearson – 156
Jim Ulmer – 155
Terry Hardesty – 151
Patrick Nolan – 151
Katrina Shealy – 150
Beverly Owensby – 149
Jane-Page Gunnell Thompson – 147
Sandy Chiong – 146
Roxanne Wilson – 144
Edwin S. (Eddie) Taylor – 142

National Alternates (Next 26)
Jim Corbett – 136
Janet Spencer – 135
Brenda Bedenbaugh – 133
Janis Blocker – 133
Eaddy Roe Willard – 132
Garry R. Smith – 128
Mary Kerr – 123
Joe Semsar – 119
Thomas Baker – 116
Denny Burroughs – 115
Jane Kizer – 114
Adam Morgan – 112
Wilma Storey – 111
Cindy Risher – 110
Gene D’Agostino – 105
Grace Rentiers – 105
Jarred Spencer – 105
Lisa Watson – 105
Deborah Streetman – 101
Susan Swanson – 101
Alan Morgan – 100
Dean Allen – 98
J. Brendan Kelley – 98
Eva Long – 98
Jim Hargett – 97
Chris Beiler – 96
Jeff Kelley – 96

(Click here to see full results spreadsheet)

Also, here’s the list of National Delegates and Alternates elected at our seven Congressional District Conventions:

1st Congressional District
Mike Rose (Dorchester County)
K.C. Lombard (Charleston County)
Paige Duffy Lewis (Charleston County)

Steve Rapchick (Charleston County)
Jonathan Hoffman (Charleston County)
Mark Hartley (Charleston County)

2nd Congressional District
Craig Caldwell (Lexington County)
Lou Nolan (Richland County)
Tyson Grinstead (Richland County)

Buddy Witherspoon (Lexington County)
Patsy Stewart (Richland County)
Stephanie Biddle (Aiken County)

3rd Congressional District
Susan Aiken (Anderson County)
Elliott Kelley (Pickens County)
Mark N. Willis (Greenville County)

JoAnn Burroughs (Greenwood County)
Scott Cooper (Edgefield County)
Marvin Gootee (Saluda County)

4th Congressional District
Stephen Brown (Greenville County)
Robert Ryggs (Spartanburg County)
Nate Leupp (Greenville County)

Suzette Jordan (Greenville County)
Jim Lee (Greenville County)
Linda Garner (Greenville County)

5th Congressional District
Steven Blanton (Cherokee County)
Shery Smith (Sumter County)
Linda McCall (York County)

Peggy Upchurch (York County)
Joey Lemmons (Cherokee County)
Rod Benfield (York County)

6th Congressional District
Moye Graham (Clarendon County)
Ida Martin (Williamsburg County)
Karen Wyld (Jasper County)

Lori Bell Beard (Colleton County)
Bob Barnwell (Richland County)
Chester Palmer (Orangeburg County)

7th Congressional District
Alan Clemmons (Horry County)
Charlotte Hendrix (Florence County)
Jerry Rovner (Georgetown County)

Gerri McDaniel (Horry County)
Robert Rabon (Horry County)
Brian Shult (Georgetown County)


If you were elected National Delegate or Alternate at the State Convention or at your Congressional District Convention, I will soon call a delegation meeting to elect a delegation chairman and representatives to the four National Convention committees.

Please stay tuned for details!
Happy Mother’s Day,
Matt Moore
South Carolina Republican Party