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Statewide Democrat Candidates with Criminal Backgrounds

(10/15/18 – Columbia, SC) South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick issued the following statement regarding the criminal backgrounds of SC Democrat candidates for Attorney General and Superintendent of Education:

“Recent news reports document that the Democrat candidate for South Carolina Superintendent of Education was busted on a felony and spent time in jail in 2009. And this is who they nominate to oversee education in South Carolina? To teach what, ‘How to go from Convict to Public Official in Ten Years or Less’?

“And according to public records in North Carolina, the Democrats candidate for South Carolina Attorney General was charged with larceny and convicted twice for drunk driving. This is who Democrats nominate to be the chief law enforcement officer for South Carolina? It’s bad enough that she’s never prosecuted a criminal case, but it turns out she’s never helped convict anyone of a crime but herself.”

“You would think that state Democrats would have more respect for South Carolina voters than to nominate candidates with the kind of criminal history that clearly calls into question their judgement, and in one case, even their legal qualifications for the office they’re running for. It’s amazing. I’m not sure what it takes to pass the test to be a Democrat nominee, but apparently it’s a low bar.”


(Anastopoulo DUI Convictions in NC in 1985 and 1987. Source: Judicial Merit Selection Commission, Public Hearings on Judicial Qualifications for Constance Anastopoulo, December 4, 2001. Anastopoulo Larceny charge: Orange County, North Carolina, 1989. Source: Clerk’s Office, Filing Date: 11/15/1989, Case#: 6701989CR 010627)

Greenville News article re: Superintendent of Education candidate: