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Former President Trump endorses SCGOP Chairman

Former President Trump endorses SCGOP Chairman

(Columbia, S.C.) – Yesterday evening former President Donald Trump officially endorsed SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick in his reelection bid.

In a handwritten note, President Trump told Chairman McKissick, he has “[his] complete and total endorsement. Great job!”

“When President Trump was at the top of the ticket, we saw historic gains across the country but especially here in South Carolina,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick. “He brought a record number of people into the Party, expanded our geographic and demographic support, and drove turnout across the state.

“As a result, South Carolina has more elected Republicans across the state than we’ve had in more than 140 years–and in counties that haven’t had Republican representation since the end of the Civil War. We look forward to continuing the tremendous growth President Trump started.”

In the 2020 General Election, S.C. Republicans gained a supermajority in the General Assembly, flipped three counties for Trump (winning 34 out of 46 counties), flipped five sheriff seats, beat Democrats on straight ticket voting by 17 points, and turned out the highest number of votes for a presidential candidate in state history.

See below for Trump’s endorsement note.