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Darlington Democrat switches to the Republican Party

Darlington Democrat switches to the Republican Party

(Darlington, S.C.) – SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick released the following statement regarding Darlington County’s Clerk of Court, Scott B. Suggs’s, decision to switch to the Republican Party.

“We’ve seen more and more folks switch to the Republican Party because the Democrat Party is moving further and faster to the left with each passing day,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick. “It’s not surprising people are noticing that Republicans deliver results while Democrat policies come with a headache and a steep bill. We’re excited to welcome Scott to our Party, and look forward to working together to advance our conservative platform in Darlington County.”

Statement from Darlington County Clerk of Court, Scott B. Suggs, on today’s announcement:

“Today has been a long time coming. This afternoon I formally made the announcement that I’m joining the Republican Party but I’ve been thinking about the decision for years. Democrats from decades ago, even just ten years ago, would be unrecognizable to their party today,” said Scott B. Suggs. “I take my job very seriously, and, because of the outrageous policies of the national Democratic Party, I can no longer serve with a (D) behind my name. My commitment to Darlington County is as strong as it’s ever been, and I’m ready to keep working for the people who live here.”

Scott has served as Clerk of Court for 25 years. His wife, Angie L. Suggs, was recently elected as Darlington County Auditor as a Republican. She was sworn in this afternoon by Governor Henry McMaster.