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SCGOP Urges Congress to Regulate Big Tech

SCGOP Urges Congress to Regulate Big Tech

(Columbia, S.C.) – At its first quarter meeting, the South Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution urging Congress to pass Senator Graham’s American Innovation and Choice Online Act.

“After years of Big Tech’s unfair standards, constant platform policy changes, and power consolidation, Republicans are fed up and want to know there will be some kind of new check against their powers,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick. “Passing the American Innovation and Choice Online Act will help protect consumers and keep the free market moving in the digital world.”

Key points from the resolution:

  • The influence that Big Tech social media companies have on American political life has surpassed that of traditional media
  • Big Tech limits the options available for consumers and this disadvantages small businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers alike
  • Many of these Big Tech companies have used their platforms to effectively spy on consumers, collecting personal data, oftentimes without the knowledge of the user
  • The American Innovation and Choice Online Act will set clear, effective rules to protect competition and users doing business on dominant online platforms

The State Executive Committee has 50 voting members. 47 members were present.

Read the full resolution here.