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Questionable Cunningham Needs to Come Clean


October 6, 2022

Media contact: Claire Brady

Questionable Cunningham Needs to Come Clean

(Columbia, S.C.) – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick held a press conference this afternoon demanding transparency from Democrat Joe Cunningham. See below for some of his remarks from the press conference.

“Joe Cunningham’s tax returns produces more questions than answers. In fact, the more we find out about Cunningham, the more questions we have. He’s Questionable Cunningham.

“He nearly tripled his income by getting elected to Congress, but he won’t tell us who he works for. He says he does consulting and advocacy. What conflicts of interest does he have? Who is he advocating for? Who is he consulting for. Nobody knows and he won’t say. And that’s a theme with Cunningham–throughout his public life, he’s lied and padded the truth

“Like in 2018 when he claimed to have prosecuted criminals. That’s a lie. Joe Cunningham wasn’t even a lawyer yet when he claims to have done that. He was an intern.

“And he says he’s an ocean engineer, but that’s also a stretch. He earned a degree, but was never a licensed ocean engineer. That’s like majoring in biology or pre-med and calling yourself a surgeon. Being a crew member on the Love Boat doesn’t make you an ocean engineer.

“What’s interesting about both his prosecution claims and the engineering claims, he was an intern in both. He had supervision and training wheels for everything he’s done in his professional life. That’s makes him questionable. He’s not giving voters a full picture.

“But it also shows how unserious and unqualified Joe Cunningham is as a candidate for governor. He’s bounced back and forth between jobs, and never gives the full details about each job. And he’s doing it again with this race. He announced he was running for Governor just four months after losing his reelection campaign for Congress.

“That’s questionable. Why? Does he need a job? Or is Cunningham using his connections in Washington to make money off promoting legalized gambling and marijuana?

“So we think Questionable Cunningham needs to come clean. South Carolinians need to know: what does he mean by consulting and advocacy? Who are the special interests that he’s beholden to? What other ‘experiences’ in his resume are inflated? No one is asking for his litigation or personal injury clients. But voters deserve to know who he is consulting and advocating for. Let the voters know, so they can know what conflicts of interests he potentially has, because the State House should not be for sale.

“And with a past as questionable as Cunningham’s, how can we trust him with our future?”