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SC Legislature makes progress with three crucial bills


January 18, 2024


SC Legislature makes progress with three crucial bills

(Columbia, S.C.) – The South Carolina Legislature made great progress this week in pushing back against the radical liberal agenda.

The Help Not Harm bill (H.4624) which prohibits healthcare professionals from providing so-called “gender affirming” care to minors was passed by the House and is headed to the Senate. The ESG Pension Protection Act (H.3690) and the Prescription for Minors bill (S.882) were passed in the Senate.

With the passage of the Help Not Harm bill, gender-transition surgeries, puberty-blocking drugs and “cross sex” hormone treatment would be illegal to be prescribed or administered to individuals under the age of eighteen. Doctors performing genital mutilation surgeries on minors would face a twenty-year felony charge. The Help Not Harm bill will also direct the South Carolina Medicaid Program to cease coverage of these procedures for anyone under the age of twenty-six, as well as banning state funds from covering these treatments.

The Prescriptions for Minors bill requires the parent or legal guardian of a minor to be notified when a healthcare provider prescribes medications to their child. Under this bill, healthcare providers are also prohibited from restricting parents or legal guardians from viewing their child’s medical history and must receive parental consent before prescribing any medications.

The ESG Pension Protection Act will prevent the state pension fund from investing in environmental, social and governance (ESG) causes such as climate change and so-called race equity. Our state pension funds should never be pressured by radical political movements in order for investors to do their job.

Any attempt to harm children will never be accepted here in South Carolina, and our Republican lawmakers reaffirmed that this week.

The South Carolina Republican Party proudly commends our Republicans in both Chambers for taking a strong stand on these issues.