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SCGOP joins Amicus Brief filed in U.S. Supreme Court


January 19, 2024

Media contact: Abby Zilch

SCGOP joins Amicus Brief filed in U.S. Supreme Court

(Columbia, S.C.) – The South Carolina Republican Party has joined an Amicus Brief in the United States Supreme Court with 32 other state parties regarding the upcoming Colorado case concerning presidential candidate ballot access.

As mentioned in the brief, “this case arises from the Supreme Court of Colorado’s novel and untested interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in order to remove a presidential candidate from a political party’s primary ballot.”

SCGOP State Party Chairman Drew McKissick released the following statement regarding the state party’s decision to join the Amicus Brief:

“The South Carolina Republican Party will always defend the ability of the Party to qualify candidates to the ballot and the right of Republicans to vote for the candidate of their choice. Any restrictions on that process are an outright attack on our most fundamental freedoms.

We have been defending those freedoms in federal court here in South Carolina for several months, and now we’re speaking out for those freedoms around the country by joining this case,” Chairman McKissick said.

“Former President Trump is a qualified and certified candidate on the South Carolina Republican Party’s Presidential Primary ballot, and I will not tolerate any person or organization that tries to take that choice away from our Republican voters, whether it’s here in South Carolina or around the country.”