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Milliken Match Thermometer

CM Capture 1Just a few short weeks ago, we announced an incredible opportunity for our Republican Party – to pay off our headquarters mortgage years ahead of time, and to make revenue-generating efficiency upgrades to the building. All of this is being made possible by a giant and leader in the Republican Party, Mr. Roger Milliken, who agreed to match dollar-for-dollar what we raise toward the mortgage repayment.

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, we’ve made tremendous progress toward our goal.

This is important to all Republicans, because paying off our debt early will allow us devote more money to our core mission – electing more Republicans across our state. It is incredibly important that everyone in our party become involved in this effort, because the money has to be raised by December 7.

To that end, today we are launching a “fundraising thermometer” so that each of you can track our progress toward this important goal. You can click here to view the thermometer, and click here to donate.

Please do what you can to move the line to the top! Thanks again for your support of the South Carolina Republican Party.