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Countdown To Pelosi’s Palmetto Visit Underway


Victory launches daily reminder of why

Palmetto Values don’t fit with Pelosi Values

(Columbia, SC – September 17, 2010) When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s jet touches down in Charleston a week from Saturday, you probably won’t see any South Carolina Democrat candidates welcoming her. When America’s most wildly unpopular official comes calling, it’s good to have something else on your agenda that day, because a political embrace from Nancy Pelosi is like getting kissed by Typhoid Mary.

Pelosi puppet-in-waiting Rob Miller and fellow liberal Democrat John Spratt, who juggles the books for Pelosi as chairman of the House Budget Committee, would prefer it if Pelosi’s visit went unnoticed.

But they don’t need to worry about that. Starting today and continuing every day next week, SC Victory 2010 will countdown until Pelosi arrives with a daily reminder of why her views are at odds with the majority of folks here in South Carolina.

Just look at what she has done as the Obama Administration’s cheerleader on Capitol Hill. As part of her job-killing liberal agenda, she has:

  • been the driving force behind ramming Obamacare through the House, using brute tactics that would have made the Founding Fathers hang their heads in sadness. Not only will the quality of the health care you and your family receive suffer because of it, but your government has a new dose of debt that could hit $1 trillion by the time all its costs are added up. As if that’s not bad enough, Obamacare is projected to kill a staggering 1.6 million jobs. Thanks, Nancy.
  • shepherded passage of the Stimulus bill, one of the largest spending programs ever, which the Congressional Budget Office estimates could wind up costing you, the taxpayer, a cool $1 trillion when the final bills come in. And what do we have to show for all of that money? Painfully high unemployment, and a recession with no end in sight. Thanks, Nancy.
  • dug in her heels to resist extending the Bush-era tax cuts that are set to expire on December 31st. As late as last fall, she was dead-set against extending them for all Americans, wanting Washington to get a fresh wave of cash from the tax hike that would result from letting them expire. Thanks, Nancy.

Nancy Pelosi’s coming visit to South Carolina is a fresh reminder that you have a stark choice when you go to the polls in six weeks: You can pick Rob Miller and John Spratt, and go with Pelosi Values. Or you can opt for a fresh direction by electing Joe Wilson and Mick Mulvaney, who share your Palmetto Values.

Obamacare, runaway Stimulus spending, and fighting for the largest tax hike in history. Thanks for everything, Nancy.