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Rob Miller’s 1st House vote? Giving Nancy Pelosi 2 more years as Speaker



Countdown To Pelosi’s SC Visit: 5 Days Left

(COLUMBIA, SC – September 20, 2010) When the new Congress is called to order early next January, the first item of business for the House of Representatives will be electing its Speaker. Democrats will likely nominate Nancy Pelosi for a third term.

Should liberal Democrat Rob Miller make it to Washington as a congressman, his very first vote would be to give his financial backer, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker’s gavel for two more years.

That deal was sealed when she donated $2,000 to Miller’s campaign.

Beyond that critical vote, a Congressman Miller would be a safe Democrat vote Pelosi could count on. And given the American people’s overwhelming dissatisfaction with Nancy Pelosi, she needs all the allies she can get.

The problem is, Nancy Pelosi values (which gave us Obamacare, so-called “stimulus” spending, cap and trade, and is resisting the national desire to keep the Bush-era tax cuts, which expire this December) do not match Palmetto values held by the majority of folks here in South Carolina.

So a Congressman Miller would have to choose whether to stand by the people who elected him, or with the House Democrat leadership who funded him. In short: would he represent the people of the Palmetto State, or would he simply be Nancy Pelosi’s puppet?

Would a Congressman Miller defend the interests of South Carolinians who need a strong representative working on their side? Or would he merely reinforce the dwindling ranks of Pelosi’s loyal lieutenants, such as John Spratt and James Clyburn?

One thing is certain: Rob Miller’s deafening, intentional silence on an array of important issues and his acceptance of more than one million dollars from liberal extremist groups make it clear how he would vote on Capitol Hill. Nancy Pelosi could go to sleep each night knowing she could count on Miller’s steadfast support.

Rob Miller is in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi, and Nancy Pelosi is out of step with South Carolina values.