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Nancy Pelosi to raise cash for Rob Miller & John Spratt in Charleston on Saturday

Makes time to raise money for congressional candidates
Rob Miller & John Spratt on Saturday


(COLUMBIA, SC – September 24, 2010) There has been much talk about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Charleston tomorrow. And for good reason. Not only is it her first trip to the Palmetto State since becoming House Speaker four years ago, but also because of the symbolism she brings with her.

It turns out that the most partisan House Speaker in 50 years will attend a Democrat fundraiser when she’s in Charleston tomorrow, raising money to elect a new crop of young lieutenants who are eager to do her bidding, like liberal Democrat Rob Miller, who hopes to join fellow Pelosi lackeys John Spratt and James Clyburn. And Pelosi clearly wants Miller at her side; she proved it by donating $2,000 to his campaign.

Nancy Pelosi personifies a Washington intoxicated with its own power, hell-bent on passing a job-killing liberal agenda that most Americans oppose while, at the same time, failing to effectively address the country’s most pressing problem: our ailing economy.

Nancy Pelosi may be a congresswoman from California, but her influence is felt here in the Palmetto State by:

Pushing Obamacare. Pelosi was the driving force that rammed through approval of the highly-controversial government hijacking of our health care system. The result: it is forecast to cost 1.6 million jobs, nearly $1 trillion in government spending and lower the quality of the health care you and your family count on;

Opposing extending the Bush-era tax cuts. Pelosi has resisted extending them every step of the way, giving ground grudgingly, until now she is trying to deny them to all Americans, thus crippling small businesses and costing jobs with a new round of taxes come January 1st;

Fighting for Cap and Trade. The bill that Nancy Pelosi barely squeaked through the House last year would create a shell game where the amount of pollution a business creates is “capped” and credits can be bought and “traded.” This bureaucratic intrusion into the private sector would result in even higher prices for your gasoline, natural gas, electricity and other energy.

So Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Charleston tomorrow represents much more than just another drop-by from a visiting politician. It is a reminder of everything that Washington is getting wrong, of who was responsible for it, and who wants to join Pelosi’s team on Capitol Hill. It is a reminder that a vote for Rob Miller is a vote to endorse Pelosi’s policies and to give her another two years as Speaker.

We hope Nancy Pelosi enjoys Charleston’s charm and beauty while she is here. We hope she tastes its good food and savors its fabled hospitality. And most of all, we hope she discovers during her visit that South Carolinians are angry and upset by her policies, and we are ready for a new Congress, with a new Republican Speaker, who will deliver the results we expect.

Most of all, we hope she has enjoyed her four years as Speaker, because her time is up. And Rob Miller’s time is up as well.

Rob Miller is in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi, and Nancy Pelosi is out of step with South Carolina values.