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Charleston Resolution: Honoring Governor Haley

This below resolution was passed at the Charleston county convention, and will now go to the resolutions committee. If the resolutions committee passes it, the resolution will be up for a vote at the state convention. However, before the resolutions committee votes, they want to know your opinion. Please use the comments section below to give us your opinion, and please use your real name. Thank you!

WHEREAS, Governor Nikki Haley has been elected as South Carolina’s first female Governor in 2010; and

WHEREAS, Governor Haley is a consistent supporter of Republican Ideals to include limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, and free markets; and

WHEREAS, Governor Haley strongly opposed and publicly criticized passage of the
“Affordable Care Act”, passed by Congress and signed into law in March, 2010,” (aka “Obamacare”); and

WHEREAS, Governor Haley is actively engaged in presenting South Carolina as a great state for businesses to grow and prosper;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Charleston County Republican Party, at its Convention on April 15th,  2011, commends Governor Nikki Haley on her commitment to serving the people of the State of South Carolina and expresses its support of her continued efforts to reform state government in accordance with the principles outlined in the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of South Carolina and the South Carolina Republican Party platform; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution is to be delivered to Governor
Nikki Haley at the earliest possible opportunity.