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SCGOP Chairman Connelly praises House, Senate Republicans for passage of redistricting bill

July 26, 2011

Columbia, S.C. – SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly today issued a statement following the South Carolina House and Senate’s passage of a Congressional redistricting bill:

“House and Senate Republicans deserve great praise for passing a common sense redistricting plan. They put aside their personal goals and worked together for the good of South Carolina, instead of allowing unelected judges to decide.

“Senator McConnell, Senator Peeler, and the Senate Republican Caucus deserve credit for doing what is best for South Carolina in the coming decade. In the House, Speaker Harrell, Rep. Bingham, Rep. Harrison, and their fellow Republicans deserve credit for working hard to reflect South Carolina’s diverse, vibrant population.

“Thank you also to the many concerned citizens who made their voices heard over the past few months.”