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Richland County is as crooked as a snake in the grass


September 2, 2022

Media contact: Claire Brady

Richland County is as crooked as a snake in the grass

(Columbia, S.C.) — Conveniently timed under the veil of secrecy, Democrats went judge shopping to hide public information about the Cunningham-Casey ticket.

The South Carolina Republican Party requested Democrat Tally Casey’s public divorce record several times over the last month. Each time, requests were denied and told something different.

Yesterday morning, the Party released a statement demanding Richland County be transparent and fair with the public file of a candidate for statewide office. The same day, the court sealed the file.

“It’s clear the Democrats running Richland County are trying to protect Democrats Joe Cunningham and Tally Casey. They’re all as crooked as a snake in the grass. We totally understand redacting information relating to children and their matters. But Democrat Casey is an adult, who made adult decisions, and is vying to be a heartbeat away from the Governor’s desk. Her decisions speak to her fitness for public office, and voters deserve to know all the facts to determine if she’s fit for the job. And government entities shouldn’t be helping play hide the ball.

“What’s worse, is the judge–who then recused herself after sealing the record–said sealing it was in the public’s benefit. In what world is hiding the truth, what’s supposed to be publicly available truth, about a statewide, unknown candidate from voters two months from the election the public’s best interest?

“Democrats Joe Cunningham and Tally Casey owe it to every voter in South Carolina to answer for this mess. If they don’t, we deserve to know: what are they hiding?” –SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick

Read the original statement here.