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Radical State Representative Krystle Matthews should resign


September 8, 2022

Media contact: Claire Brady

Radical State Representative Krystle Matthews should resign

(Columbia, S.C.) – In a recently published audio recording, radical Democrat State Representative and candidate for U.S. Senate Krystle Matthews advocated for treating white people “like s***” and said if people don’t like it, they can leave. See below for South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick’s full statement:

“Radical socialist Krystle Matthews has made it clear she is unfit to hold public office. First she called for ‘dope boy money’ and illegal straw donors to her U.S. Senate campaign, and now we hear her advocating for treating white people ‘like s***’ or otherwise ‘they get outta control like kids.’

“This is overtly racist. Point blank. Period. What happens when a white family in her district needs help? Does Matthews assist them, or does she treat them like crap? The fact that the question even has to be asked is more than enough to call for her resignation.

“Let me be clear: radical, self-avowed socialist State Representative Krystle Matthews should resign. She’s touted her racist attitudes and slurs and encouraged her fellow Democrats to break laws to support her long shot campaign for U.S. Senate. She’s proven she’s not capable of serving the people of South Carolina.


“And we do have to ask, what does Joe Cunningham, Jim Clyburn, the South Carolina House Democrat caucus, and the South Carolina Democrat Party think of her tactics? Voters deserve to know if her fellow Democrats agree with her behavior or if they think she should resign.”

Listen to the new audio here.

Listen to the previously leaked audio here.